The FitNut program is the resource to tick all of your health and wellbeing objectives in The UK National curriculum and in the curriculum for excellence in Scotland.  

FitNut is a practical, fun & engaging fitness & nutrition learning resource designed to promote healthy habits in students.

It can be used within a unit or as individual lessons, is cross

curricular and can be differentiated for different age groups.

The FitNut Program is multi-sensory and comes to life through the FitNut Superstars' audio/visual materials, physical exercises and hands on practical nutrition education.

We believe that empowering children brings the message home to inspire the whole family to good health.


Extensive studies over the past 10 years into the effectiveness of the program has delivered the following outcomes:


Encourages an increased sense of body awareness.

Increased self awareness of Improved physical fitness resulting in sense of achievement.

Enthusiasm to participate from students traditionally disengaged in sport and team games.

Most enthusiasm for the entire FitNut fitness and nutrition program from ages 4 - 9.


Enthusiasm for specific aspects of the program in the following areas:


  • Age 3 - 5 sense of fun.

       Increased confidence, improved gross motor skills ( Run, jump,

       skip, balance, kick, bounce & catch large ball).

  • Age 5+ 

       Continued improvement in motor skills. (Longer balancing,                   alternate feet, skip, hop scotch, throwing & catching).

  • Improved emotional wellbeing and social interaction.

  • Improved retention of knowledge of nutritional benefits of food

       in relation to self and friends/family members.


  • Boys aged 7 - 11 Awareness of body function and sporting performance.

       Improvements in coordination & spatial awareness.


  • Girls aged 8-14 Increased interest for nutritional knowledge.

  • Age 9+ - Eagerness to learn benefits of foods in relation to physical appearance.

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