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The Fitnut Program is here to help shape a happy and healthier future for children everywhere.

All children deserve a natural, varied and balanced diet and The FitNut Program can help you

to get your kids eating rainbows of fruits and vegetables now.

Establishing the FitNut way in schools, day cares and at home benefits children as well as their

families, coaches & teachers. 

The FitNut goal is to inspire a whole generation to understand that they can live better in tune

with their bodies. 

We are on a fitness and nutrition mission and we want to tell everyone about it. 

So, share the healthy word Fitnutters, lets get young people Fitnutting all over the world.

We've done the homework so you and your kids can live everyday the FitNut way.

"The FitNut program is such a considered, well balanced and practical program for all children.

Our students are enthralled by the program, the exercise and the hands on links to nutrition that are made. Our students relate their fitness and nutrition experiences to take action and make direct changes in the choices they make in their lives."


Carolyn Lacey

Assistant Head of Lower School

ISA Amsterdam









"Fitnut has supported us parents so much in convincing our daughter that a healthy lifestyle can be so much fun! We never buy soda, but squeezing some orange juice in a glass of sparkling water has become our favorite alternative!"

X x x Chazia (Jasmijn's mum)

"We like Darcy going to fitnut because when we are having dinner he starts talking about all the different fruits and vegetables and what they do for our body, so thanks FitNut, good job!"

Devina, (Darcy's Mum)

"Our Son has been going to Fitnut for two years now and in that time he has us all starting the day with a freshly made smoothie" Lee (Milo's Dad)

"The FitNut program has been incredibly popular at our school. It has attracted students of all abilities and fitness levels. They enjoy a diverse range of activities, such as circuit training using the 'FitNut Gym', to fun team games and challenges.

All the students have great fun, as well as learning lots about how food and nutrients affect their body. It gives them the knowledge to make informed choices regarding their health, both now and in the future.

The FitNut leaders have been sensitive to the individual needs of students, creating an environment that is safe and nurturing, as well as energetic.

And of course, there is always a rush for the fruit smoothies at the end of each class!

Highly recommended."


Peter Foulke

PE Coordinator

British School of Amsterdam

"The FitNut team ooze energy and creativity.

They are so passionate and committed to the importance of educating kids to take care of their bodies in a safe and fun environment. If the kids aren't working out to great music, then they are learning and tasting about healthy foods/drinks. They are on top of current trends in the health and fitness world and promote their beliefs and expertise in such a way that the children don't

even realise they're working hard and learning.

A credit to the industry - I challenge any child

not to get something good from joining the FitNut philosophy!"


Kirsty Hunter

Head of Key Stage 3

& Teacher of PE

British School of Amsterdam



"Fitnut has been brilliant for my daughter, not only has 

she tried new foods she would never have dreamed of 

before but she is telling me why it's good for our bodies" 

Sophie Dawson - Neve's Mum

"Lynne has a brilliant way of showing kids how easy it can be to be healthy.  My daughter especially loves the gym machines and the balance boards"

Noa (Mila's Mum)

"My son needs occupational theraphy and within the space of 2 months attending Fitnut classes he has literally come on leaps and bounds. Thanks so much Lynne!!! Jenni" (Freddie's Mum)

We are proud to work with

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