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Scottish Curriculum for excellence

Physical Wellbeing    

Early First Second Third Fourth                 

I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.

HWB 0-15a / HWB 1-15a / HWB 2-15a / HWB 3-15a / HWB 4-15a


Planning for choices and changes           



In everyday activity and play, I explore and make choices to develop my learning and interests. I am encouraged to use and share my experiences.                        

HWB 0-19a                


Through taking part in a variety of events and activities, I am learning to recognise my own skills and abilities as well as those of others.                        

HWB 1-19a                 


Movement skills, competencies and concepts


I am learning to move my body well, exploring how to manage and control it and finding out how to use and share space.

HWB 0-21a


I am developing my movement skills through practice and energetic play.

HWB 0-22a



I am discovering ways that I can link actions and skills to create movement patterns and sequences. This has motivated me to practise and improve my skills to develop control and flow.

HWB 1-21a


I am developing skills and techniques and improving my level of performance and fitness.

HWB 1-22a



As I encounter new challenges and contexts for learning, I am encouraged and supported to demonstrate my ability to select, adapt and apply movement skills and strategies, creatively, accurately and with control.

HWB 2-21a / HWB 3-21a


I practise, consolidate and refine my skills to improve my performance. I am developing and sustaining my levels of fitness.

HWB 2-22a / HWB 3-22a



As I encounter a variety of challenges and contexts for learning, I am encouraged and supported to demonstrate my ability to select and apply a wide range of complex movement skills and strategies, creatively, accurately and with consistency and control.

HWB 4-21a         


I can organise my time to practise, consolidate and refine my skills to achieve my highest quality performance in a range of contexts. I am developing and sustaining my level of performance across all aspects of fitness.

HWB 4-22a

Cooperation and competition


I am aware of my own and others’ needs and feelings especially when taking turns and sharing resources. I recognise the need to follow rules.                        

HWB 0-23a



I can follow and understand rules and procedures, developing my ability to achieve personal goals. I recognise and can adopt different roles in a range of practical activities.                  

HWB 1-23a    



While working and learning with others, I improve my range of skills, demonstrate tactics and achieve identified goals.

HWB 2-23a                                



I am developing the skills to lead and recognise strengths of group members, including myself. I contribute to groups and teams through my knowledge of individual strengths, group tactics, and strategies.        HWB 3-23a



While learning together, and in leadership situations, I can:                        

experience different roles and take responsibility in organising a physical event                                    

contribute to a supportive and inclusive environment                            

demonstrate behaviour that contributes to fair play.                        

HWB 4-23a


Evaluating and appreciating            



By exploring and observing movement, I can describe what I have learned about it.

HWB 0-24a



I can recognise progress and achievement by discussing my thoughts and feelings and giving and accepting feedback.

HWB 1-24a



By reflecting on my own and others’ work and evaluating it against shared criteria, I can recognise improvement and achievement and use this to progress further.

HWB 2-24a



I can analyse and discuss elements of my own and • others’ work, recognising strengths and identifying

areas where improvements can be made.

HWB 3-24a •



I can:                            

observe closely, reflect, describe and analyse key aspects of my own and others’ performances

make informed judgements, specific to an activity                                

monitor and take responsibility for improving my own performance based on recognition of personal strengths and development needs.

HWB 4-24a









Physical activity and sport



I am enjoying daily opportunities to participate in different kinds of energetic play, both outdoors and indoors.

HWB 0-25a


I know that being active is a healthy way to be.    

HWB 0-27a


I can describe how I feel after taking part in energetic activities and I am becoming aware of some of the changes that take place in my body.

HWB 0-28a



Within and beyond my place of learning I am enjoying daily opportunities to participate in physical activities and sport, making use of available indoor and outdoor space.

HWB 1-25a


I am aware of the role physical activity plays in keeping me healthy and know that I also need to sleep and rest, to look after my body.

HWB 1-27a


I understand that my body needs energy to function and that this comes from the food I eat. I am exploring how physical activity contributes to my health and wellbeing.

HWB 1-28a



I am experiencing enjoyment and achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities of my choosing, including sport and opportunities for outdoor learning, available at my place of learning and in the wider community.

HWB 2-25a / HWB 3-25a


I can explain why I need to be active on a daily basis to maintain good health and try to achieve a good balance of sleep, rest and physical activity.

HWB 2-27a / HWB 3-27a                     

I can explain the links between the energy I use while being physically active, the food I eat, and my health and wellbeing.

HWB 2-28a / HWB 3-28a



I continue to enjoy daily participation in moderate to vigorous physical activity and sport and can demonstrate my understanding that it can:

contribute to and promote my learning                    

develop my fitness and physical and mental wellbeing                    

develop my social skills, positive attitudes and values

make an important contribution to living a healthy lifestyle.

HWB 4-25a




I have investigated factors which can influence participation in physical activity and food choices, and the impact of activity on population health in the Scottish and wider contexts. I can use this information to discuss policies and inform my own health choices.

HWB 4-28a







Food and health


Early First Second Third Fourth

I enjoy eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situations.                    

HWB 0-29a / HWB 1-29a / HWB 2-29a / HWB 3-29a / HWB 4-29a




Together we enjoy handling, tasting, talking and learning about different foods, discovering ways in which eating and drinking may help us to grow and keep healthy.                        

HWB 0-30a


I know that people need different kinds of food to keep them healthy.

HWB 0-32a


& First                                

I am becoming aware of how cleanliness, hygiene and safety can affect health and wellbeing and I apply this knowledge in my everyday routines such as taking care of my teeth.

HWB 0-33a / HWB 1-33a


I explore and discover where foods come from as I choose, prepare and taste different foods.

HWB 0-35a




By investigating the range of foods available I can discuss how they contribute to a healthy diet.

HWB 1-30a


I experience a sense of enjoyment and achievement when preparing simple healthy foods and drinks.

HWB 1-30b



I am beginning to understand that nutritional needs change at different stages of life, for example the role of breastfeeding in infant nutrition.                    

HWB 1-32a






& Second                        

When preparing and cooking a variety of foods, I am becoming aware of the journeys which foods make from source to consumer, their seasonality, their local availability and their sustainability.            HWB 1-35a / HWB 2-35a


I am discovering the different ways that advertising and the media can affect my choices.

HWB 1-37a





By applying my knowledge and understanding of current healthy eating advice I can contribute to a healthy eating plan.

HWB 2-30a


I understand that people at different life stages have differing nutritional needs and that some people may eat or avoid certain foods.

HWB 2-32a


Having learned about cleanliness, hygiene and safety, I can apply these principles to my everyday routines, understanding their importance to health and wellbeing.

HWB 2-33a


Through exploration and discussion, I can understand that food practices and preferences are influenced by factors such as food sources, finance, culture and religion.

HWB 2-34a


By investigating food labelling systems, I can begin to understand how to use them to make healthy food choices.

HWB 2-36a


I can understand how advertising and the media are used to influence consumers.

HWB 2-37a



By taking part in practical food activities and taking account of current healthy eating advice, I can prepare healthy foods to meet identified needs.

HWB 3-30a


Through practical activities using different foods and drinks, I can identify key nutrients, their sources and functions, and demonstrate the links between energy, nutrients and health.

HWB 3-31a



I am developing my understanding of the nutritional needs of people who have different conditions and requirements.                        

HWB 3-32a


I can apply food safety principles when buying, storing, preparing, cooking and consuming food.

HWB 3-33a


& Fourth                        

Having explored a range of issues which may affect food choice, I can discuss how this could impact on the    individual’s health.

HWB 3-34a / HWB 4-34a


Using my knowledge of nutrition and current healthy eating advice, I can evaluate the information on food packaging, enabling me to make informed choices when preparing and cooking healthy dishes.

HWB 3-36a




Having researched food and health policy, and dietary legislation, I can explain how this impacts on individuals, the community and the world of work.

HWB 4-30a


I can apply my knowledge and understanding of nutrition, current healthy eating advice and the needs of different groups in the community when planning, choosing, cooking and evaluating dishes.

HWB 4-31a


Having identified diet-related conditions, I can adapt and cook recipes to suit individual needs.

HWB 4-32a


Having assessed how lifestyle or life stages can impact on people’s nutritional needs, I can explain how these needs are met.

HWB 4-32b                 


Having explored the conditions for bacterial growth, I can use this knowledge to inform my practice and control food safety risks.

HWB 4-33a


Having investigated the effects of food processing on the nutritional value of foods, I can critically assess the place of processed foods in a healthy balanced diet.

HWB 4-35a












Relationships, sexual health and parenthood


I am aware of the need to respect personal space and boundaries and can recognise and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal communication.                        

HWB 0-45b / HWB 1-45b / HWB 2-45b / HWB 3-45b / HWB 4-45b



I recognise that we have similarities and differences but are all unique.

HWB 0-47a / HWB 1-47a


I am aware of my growing body and I am learning the correct names for its different parts

and how they work.                        

HWB 0-47b / HWB 1-47b


I am learning what I can do to look after my body and who can help me.

HWB 0-48a / HWB 1-48a

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